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The Opal + Hootsuite integration makes it easy to publish content easier.

Important: You must have a paid Hootsuite account to deliver content from Opal to Hootsuite.

Integration Flow

Your content will be delivered to Hootsuite in a draft state after it has received its final approval in Opal.

You or your colleagues will need to log-in to Hootsuite to review the content, and schedule it to publish immediately or at a specified day and time.

After each piece of content is published via Hootsuite, Opal will automatically update the publishing status to published.

Note: Content is delivered to Hootsuite in 5 minute increments, so you may not see your content in Hootsuite for up to 5 minutes.

Deliver Content

When content receives final approval, the following will take place:

  1. Content is delivered
    1. Copy
    2. Assets
    3. Labels

Please refer to Hootsuite's media restrictions documentation for details on what assets can be used.

Important: Notes are not delivered.

Select an Integrated Account

To deliver content to Hootsuite, an eligible content type (see above), and an integrated account must be selected.

  1. Click on a piece of content to open the Composer.
  2. Select a deliverable “Content Type.”
  3. Select an integrated “Account.”
  4. Add your assets, copy, and any other relevant details to your content.
  5. Click "Save + Close."

Delivery Requirements

The following must be set before content can be delivered to Hoosuite.

  • Scheduled time
  • Eligible content type
  • Integrated account
  • Copy
Important: Content must receive a final approval by anyone on the team to be delivered to Hootsuite.

Content with Images

To ensure image content will be published at the intended time, approve content at least 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled publication time.

Content with Videos

To ensure video content will be published at the intended time, approve standard video content at least 15 minutes, and large videos at least 60 minutes ahead of the scheduled publication time.

Asset Requirements

Assets delivered to Hootsuite must adhere to requirements set by Hootsuite.

To learn more, please review the Hootsuite documentation.

Note: Assets that do not meet Hootsuite's requirements will not be delivered, and an error will be displayed in Opal.

Publish in Hootsuite

To ensure content does not publish automatically, a Hootsuite admin should configure users who can publish to use "Publish Message with Approval". Once configured, content delivered to Hootsuite will appear in the Pending Approval queue.

All content must be approved in Hootsuite to be eligible for publication.

Supported Content Types

The following is the latest list of content types currently available. 

Note: Paid content types are not supported.
Important: Delivery failures will be displayed in-app, and affected users will be notified.


  • Single Image & Text
  • Multiple Images & Text
  • Album Images & Text
  • Single Video & Text


  • Single Image & Text
  • Single Video & Text
Important: Hootsuite does not support delivery for Instagram Business accounts.


  • Single Image & Text
  • Single Video & Text
  • Link Preview


  • Single Image & Text
  • Link Preview


  • Single Image & Text
  • Single Video & Text
  • Multiple Images & Text

Get Connected

To learn more about implementing the Hootsuite integration, contact your Opal admin or support.

Additional Information

Copy Updates

Once delivered to Hootsuite, any copy changes must be made in both Opal and Hootsuite.

Asset Updates

Once delivered to Hootsuite, any asset changes must be made in both Opal and Hootsuite.

User Permissions

Any user can deliver content that meets delivery requirements in a workspace configured with the Hootsuite integration to Hootsuite.

Content Status Icons

Content that has been approved can appear with a green or blue status icon.

  • Green - Content has received final approval and has been delivered
  • Blue - Content is live
  • Red - An error has occurred

Connect Additional Accounts to Hoosuite

To make additional accounts available to your team, contact your Opal admin or support.

Opal Workspaces and Hootsuite Organizations

At the current time, one workspace can be connected to a single Hootsuite Organization.

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