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Google Docs and Files

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When your collaborators work in Google Docs, Opal makes it easy to bring their work into the fold, so that everyone can see what is planned.

Google Share Settings

Viewing a Google file in Opal requires the share 'General access' setting for each document must to be set to "Anyone with the link."

Important: If a file is set to Restricted or limited to your organization, the content of the file can not be displayed in Opal.


Give your colleagues quick access to Google Drive content by adding a link to a moment or content note.

URL Preview

To view your Google Drive docs and sheets into Opal, use the URL Preview content type.

  1. Create a piece of content.
  2. Under Content Type, select URL Preview.
    Important: To be able to view a Google file in Opal, the share 'General access' setting for each document must be set to "Anyone with the link."
  3. Paste the Google share link into the WYSISYG content editor.
  4. Click “Load.”

Additional Information

What can be shared via URL Preview?

  • Assets
  • Forms
  • Slides
  • Google Drawings
  • Google My Maps
  • Google Sites
  • Google Apps Script
  • Google Jamboard

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