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The Opal + Dash Hudson integration makes it easy to publish content easier.

Integration Flow

Opal delivers content as a draft after receiving final approval. Someone with Dash Hudson access will need to review delivered content before going live via publication.


Deliver Content

When content receives final approval, the following will take place:

  1. Content is delivered
    1. Copy
    2. Assets
    3. Asset copy
Important: Notes and labels are not delivered.

Create and Deliver Content

  1. Create content.
  2. Select an integrated account.
  3. Select a supported Content Type.
  4. Set the delivery time.
  5. Add copy and assets.
  6. Start workflow with at least one Approval phase.
  7. Approve content before the scheduled time.
Note: Dash Hudson will provide Opal with a URL to review the content in Dash Hudson
Important: Content is delivered as a draft. To publish content, someone with Dash Hudson access will need to login and schedule or publish the delivered content.

After Publication

When content is published, the following will take place:

  1. Dash Hudson will provide Opal with a live URL.

Supported Content Types

  • Facebook Standard
  • Facebook Video
  • Facebook Album
  • Instagram Photo
  • Instagram Video
  • Instagram Carousel
  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Reel
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Twitter Video
  • Twitter Thread
  • Pinterest Pin
  • TikTok Video
Note: Paid content types are not supported.

Supported Files

All image and video asset types can be delivered.

Set Up the Integration

Contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Additional Information

Is content delivered immediately?

Opal delivers content every two (2) minutes.

Can labels be delivered?

Labels cannot be delivered because a comparable metadata concept does not exist and the current API does not make delivery possible.

What is the cost for the integration? 

Contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Will content updates in Opal be delivered if it has received final approval?

Yes. Updates made to approved Opal content will be delivered to Dash Hudson if the content has not been published or deleted in Dash Hudson.

Will delivered assets be available in the Dash Hudson Library?

Yes. When Opal content is delivered to Dash Hudson, content's assets will be added to the Dash Hudson Library. If an asset from Opal already exists in the Dash Hudson, Dash Hudson will reference the existing asset to avoid duplicates. 

Can mapped social accounts, linked Opal workspaces, or Dash Hudson brands be changed?

Yes. If you need to update mapped accounts, Opal workspaces, or Dash Hudson brands, reach out to Opal support via email at or in Opal via live chat.

What happens if an error occurs?

In the event that Dash Hudson cannot receive content from Opal, a red warning message will appear in the Workflow & Delivery tab in Opal. If you’re unsure how to resolve the warning message, please reach out to Support. Please note that troubleshooting integration issues may require communication with Dash Hudson support. 

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