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Track Campaign Budgets

Plan and manage campaign budgets in Opal by allocating budget to stories, moments, and content.

Setting a Budget for a Story

When a budget is set for the story it can be allocated to moments and content within.

Set a budget on a story by inputting a value via the story creator or editor.

Once your budget is set, view the budget allocation between moments and content that exist within the story.

A green bar indicates that moments and content allocations have not exceeded the story’s budget, and a red bar (not shown) indicates that moment and content allocations have exceeded the budget.


Allocating Budget to a Moment

When budget is allocated to a moment, it can later be allocated to content created within the moment.

Set a budget on a moment by inputting the value via the moment creator or editor.

Moments with more than one story will use the primary story's budget for allocation.

Note: If no budget has been set for a story, but has been allocated to a moment, the allocation will roll up and be reflected on the story page.

Allocating Budget to Content

Allocate budget to a piece of content within Opal to track budget for paid content or campaigns. Specify budget on content by inputting a value via the budget input in the content composer.


Export Budget Details

When you want to evaluate budget spend outside of Opal, you’re a few clicks away from accomplishing this thanks to export to CSV.

A CSV file includes the allocated budget as well as all the other related metadata such as start date, end date, channel, account, and more.

Export Story Budget

  1. Navigate to “Stories
  2. Click “Actions”.
  3. Click “Export CSV”.
  4. Select your desired details and filters.
  5. Click “Export”.

Export Moment & Content Budget

  1. Navigate to “Calendar
  2. Click “Actions”.
  3. Click “Export to CSV”.
  4. Select your desired details and filters.
  5. Click “Export”.

Additional Information

Privacy and Access

  • The budget will appear in public and private spaces.
  • Budgeting added to a private space within a story will be reflected in the overall story budget.
  • Budgeting will be visible only to those who have been granted access to the private space.

Moments with Multiple Stories

  • Budgeting that is added to a moment which has been associated with multiple stories will only affect the overall budget for the primary story.

Moments without a Story

  • A budget can be added to a moment without a story.
  • The sidebar will display a roll up, calculating the allocation within that moment.
  • The budget value will not affect the tally of any other story or moment budget.
  • If a moment is added to a story at a later time, the moment and content budgets will roll up into the story budget.

Currency Field Type

  • Whole numbers only.
  • No commas, decimals, negative signs, or currency symbols.
  • USD only.

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