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The Opal + Workfront integration makes it easy to streamline workflows between marketing and communications teams in Opal and creative production teams in Workfront.

Workfront Integration

The Opal + Workfront integration connects an Opal workspace with a Workfront project.

Two integration options are available for the Opal + Workflow integration: New Asset Requests and Asset Edit Requests. Check out the videos below to learn more.

Send Creative Production Requests

Send requests right from Opal. As work is finished and assets are added to the project in Workfront, you’ll get an Opal notification, and find finished assets delivered to the Opal Asset Library.

  1. Navigate to a piece of content with assets.
  2. If needed, attach an asset.
  3. Click the “Workflow & Delivery” tab.
  4. Add a task, and give creative direction on the task.
  5. Click “Save Content and Start Workflow.”
  6. Hover over the task, then click the gear icon.
  7. Click “Send ... to Workfront.”
Note: All assets attached to a piece of content in Opal will be delivered to the task / issue in Workfront, in the “documents” tab. Opal metadata about the content is automatically applied to the task / issue in Workfront.

Add Creative to Your Marketing Calendar

Automatically create campaign stories and moments in Opal from finished creative work in Workfront.

Workfront Terminology

Key terms used in the Opal + Workfront integration.

  • Project - Projects are a collection of work items (issues / requests; tasks) that need to be completed to accomplish a specific goal. Our integration will map one workspace in Opal to one (and only one) project in Workfront, in which issues or tasks are created.
  • Issue - One of two Workfront ‘objects’ which are created in Workfront when an Opal task is sent to Workfront. Issues belong to a Project. Workfront Issues maps to an Opal tasks.
  • Request - A common type of “Issue” in Workfront. "Issues" and "requests" are used interchangeably in Workfront. You can submit requests which are recorded as issues on a project designated as a Request Queue.
  • Task - One of two Workfront ‘objects’ which are created in Workfront when an Opal task is sent to Workfront. Tasks belong to a Project. Workfront tasks map to Opal tasks.

Additional Information

Opal Metadata

Workfront tasks created from Opal automatically include Opal metadata to provide context to the request. Supported metadata includes:

  • Story Name
  • Moment Name
  • Content Name
  • Account Name
  • Labels
  • Task Creator
  • Content Type
  • Opal Content Link
  • Task Due Date
  • Content Scheduled Date
  • Note Text

A permanent link between the task in Workfront and the content in Opal is established after content is delivered to Workfront.

Asset Delivery to Workfront

Opal delivers assets that have been attached to a piece of content as well as assets that have been added to a note.

Workfront Assets

Assets manually uploaded to Workfront tasks/issues are not automatically synced with the related Opal task, i.e. assets must be manually downloaded from Workfront and uploaded to Opal

Supported File Types

The Opal + Workfront integration supports the following file types.

  • .docx
  • .zip
  • .doc
  • .pdf
  • .epub
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .rft
  • .txt
  • .mov
  • .mp4
  • .key
  • .pages
  • .pptx

Get Connected

To learn more about implementing the Workfront integration, contact your Opal admin or support.

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