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Board Privacy

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Board Privacy

By default, new Boards are private. That means you never need to worry about sharing more than you intend to. However, you can easily toggle their privacy settings to make them public, or to grant access only to specific users. Here are the differences between the two settings:

  • Public: This setting allows any user in the board's workspace to access it.
  • Private: This setting restricts access to only the board owner and designated collaborators.

To change the privacy settings of a board, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Share" button.
    1. Look for the "Share" button in the popover menu on a board card or the header of a board's detail view.
  2. Once the "Share" modal opens, click on the "Privacy" dropdown.
  3. Choose whether the board should be public or private.
  4. For a private board, you can search, add, and remove collaborators.

Once you're done making changes, click "Save" to keep them. If you decide not to make any changes, simply close the modal to cancel.While only the board owner may toggle between public and private, any collaborator can add or remove other collaborators.

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