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Moment Options

In Opal, a variety of options are available to simplify workflow around moments. Below, we’ll take a look at all the options that can be performed on each moment.

Duplicate Moment

Instead of creating every moment and the content within from scratch, use the duplicate button to make an identical copy of your moment.

  1. Navigate to a moment.
  2. Click on the icon.
  3. Click “Duplicate Moment.” 
  4. Select one of the following duplication options:
    Include full content
    The moment and all of its content can be fully duplicated. This creates a moment and content that perfectly mirrors the originating moment and content.
    Include content placeholders 
    The moment can be duplicated along with placeholder representations of its content. In addition to automatically carrying over the moment metadata, content placeholders are created based on the content in the originating moment. The placeholders include metadata (service, account, labels, approval phases, content name, etc.) from the original content.
    Only include moment details 
    The moment itself can be duplicated without any of its content. This allows you to automatically carry over moment metadata (stories, labels, notes, etc.) without having to manually set those attributes.
  5. Optionally, change the moment’s metadata including the workspace, story, name, date, note and labels.
  6. Click “Create Moment”.
TIP: In all three options, chat and activity, as well as approval/publishing status, is excluded in the duplication process.

Export a PDF

The content in a moment can be exported to a PDF. All of the normal functionality of Export to PDF is available, including the ability to filter out specific content from the export.

  1. Navigate to moment.
  2. Click on the icon
  3. Next, click “Export to PDF.”
  4. Once clicked, the export editor will open.
  5. If needed, edit which content is displayed in your export and the display options.
  6. Click “Export to PDF.”
  7. Select the output format, Digital or Print & the paper size.
  8. Click “Export.”

Download Assets

A ZIP file of all assets used in content within the moment can be downloaded.

  1. Navigate to a Moment.
  2. Click on the icon.
  3. Click “Download Assets.”
  4. You will receive a notification in the Personal Panel, via email when the assets are ready to download.
Note: The moment’s assets will be compressed into a .zip file that will save to the default download folder specified in your browser.

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