Managing Custom Columns in Boards

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You can now customize the columns in any board to show all of the information you or your team needs to know about a piece of content. This ensures you always show key information - without having clutter from unused columns.

By default, Collections in a new board will display all of our built-in "System" columns:

  • Image
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Start Date
  • Story
  • Workflow

However, if you would like to show different information, you can customize your columns by clicking the "Columns" button in the header:

Opening the column configuration settings

The "Image" and "Name" columns are not editable, but everything else can be hidden. Custom columns defined by the admin for your workspace are hidden by default, but you may enable them as you see fit for your particular board.

In the example below, we have enabled the built-in "Status" column, and a custom "Offer Name" column:

Toggling column visibility
Expanding the Workflow Column

While the workflow column is a system column (not a custom column), it does have unique functionality. If workflow steps are present for the content in a moment, you can click the "View" button in the column to open a workflow panel. This allows you to manage task phases, assignments, reviews, and approvals when planning in a board.


Do custom columns exist on a board, Opal, or Workspace level? 

Columns are managed on a Workspace level.

Who can add custom column options?

Workspace admins are the only users able to add new fields for columns. Click here to learn how.

Who can edit board columns? 

Anyone with access to a board can toggle board columns on and off. Any user can edit a public board – and collaborators can edit a private board.

Are hidden columns removed across all of my boards?

No. They are hidden in the specific board where you make the change. Each board can have different column preferences.

Will anyone else see these changes?

Yes. Column visibility settings are shared with anyone who views the board.

Is it safe to hide a column?

Yes. Information assigned to moments in a column will remain intact, so you won't lose any work if you decide to bring the column back later.

Do additional date columns show up on the calendar? 


What makes the URL custom column different from the text field?

The URL column field provides a hyperlink.

Can you reorder custom column fields? 

At this time, you cannot change the order of custom columns.

Where is custom column data stored? 

Custom column data is attached to the moments themselves – this is what enables the custom column field to automatically sync and share the same information across multiple boards. 

What if you move a moment with custom column data to another board? 

Data is attached to the moment, so you can move the moment to another board and the data will stay on the moment in the new board (if columns are activated).

What if a moment with custom column data is in more than one board? 

If both boards have that custom column enabled, that field will be automatically filled out in each board. The custom column information syncs automatically, so that the information is consistent everywhere. 

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