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Email Collaboration Made Easy

We have introduced several new capabilities that create a whole new way for email teams to work in Opal. These new updates allow email teams to better collaborate around the content creation process — from strategy creation, through creative development and reviews, all the way to distribution.

Email Modules

With Opal’s new Email Modules, users can easily create a wireframe or visual brief of an email containing several different component types. This visual layout helps marketers communicate to creative teams what assets need to be created and how they envision the finished email coming together.

  • Create a visual brief of an email
  • Plan images, text, and CTAs visually
  • Easily drag and drop to rearrange your components
  • Change the layout to ‘seamless’ view to preview an email wireframe
  • Assign tasks, reorder modules, or repurpose modules for different audience segments

URL Preview


URL Preview is a new content type that lets users drop in the email preview URL from an ESP to view a screenshot of the finished product in Opal.

  • One-click to update the screenshot

  • Track changes to the work visually with “View Edits”

  • Bring UGC or other external content into Opal for approval

  • Collaborate around previews of web staging environments

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