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Notifications and Subscriptions

Staying up to date is important. Opal notifications ensure everyone on your team receives updates in real time.

Note: Email is sent from If you do not see an email you are expecting, check your Spam folder, or speak with your support team.


When someone is @mentioned in a comment, they’ll receive a notification as well as an email.

Notifications and emails will take a user straight to the conversation in which they were mentioned.

When content is submitted for approval, the approver will receive a notification in the Personal Panel, an email, or a notification on their mobile device via our mobile application.

Tip: Notification emails can be replied to via email.

Subscribing to Moments and Content

Depending on your role, you may need to be notified about conversations happening in the platform. The subscription bell icon allows you to subscribe to receive notifications around conversations and approvals.

  • Moment subscriptions - Receive notifications about new comments left in chat and activity by your colleagues.
  • Content subscriptions - Receive notifications about new comments left in chat and activity by your colleagues, as well as a when a piece of content receives its final approval.
Tip: You will automatically be subscribed to a moment or piece of content if you’ve created or edited the content or have left a comment in the Chat and Activity.
Important: When @mentioned, a user is not automatically subscribed to a moment or piece of content.

Click on the bell to subscribe or unsubscribe to a moment or a piece of content.

  • A gray bell indicates that you are not subscribed.
  • A green bell indicates that you are subscribed.


Access to your chat and approval notifications, pending and past, are available via the new notifications tab.

The notifications tab can be accessed from the main navigation bar by tapping on the notifications icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Mark all unread chats as read by using the ellipsis in the top right corner by selecting “Mark all as read.”

Note: This will not mark all chats as read in your Personal Panel on the web.

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