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Internal Communications

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Internal Communications

Internal Communications teams are responsible for managing and facilitating communication within an organization. Their primary role is to ensure effective and consistent information flow between various departments, teams, and employees, which may include articulating the organizations' goals and objectives, fostering community and engagement amongst employees, distributing company news and positioning, and circulating critical Human Resources updates.

By leveraging Opal, you can attain the following benefits for your internal communications:

  • Align external and internal news amplification, allowing your employees to understand and reinforce company positioning
  • Reduce communication threads and platforms to a single source of truth for all planned internal communications, agnostic of channel
  • Prevent communication overlap, content collisions and over-communicating with specific audiences
  • Visualize intranet news placements and manage internal requests for site amplification
  • Provide visibility into 30,000 foot thematic messaging view alongside more tactical content builds and delivery
  • Leverage the Browser Extension to easily pull email and intranet previews into Opal without requiring users to have access to additional systems.

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