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Create long-form content directly in the platform by using Opal Docs – an intuitive rich text space, complete with collaborative editing. This is ideal for writing blogs, press releases, briefs, web content, and any other long-form content.

Here’s what Opal Docs looks like in action: 

Opal Docs enables copywriters, communicators, and other professionals to create in the same space where other content is built. Not only is this extremely convenient for many marketing and comms professionals, but being able to write here makes Opal home to even more types of content.

One of the standout features of Opal Docs is the live multi-person editing. This enables multiple people to work on the same document without overwriting each other. Not only will this make copy editing easier, but it can make Opal Docs a great collaborative brainstorming space.

How to Access Opal Docs
  1. Open a content shell
  2. Select "Document" as the content type

Upcoming features

While Opal Docs is ready for you to begin writing and editing, we are developing several other key capabilities which will be released soon. 

Commenting – The ability to leave comments directly on text in Opal Docs. 

Suggestions – The ability to add edits as suggested changes inline on text in Opal Docs.

Versioning – The ability to see a list of different versions of the document side-by-side and revert to a chosen version.

How Opal Docs Compares to Our Text Editor Content Type 

Right away, the main advantage of Opal Docs is the multi-person editing.  

Since Opal Docs already has more features than Text Editor – and is the content type that we’re investing in – we recommend users switch to using Opal Docs. 

While Text Editor will be deprecated at some date in the future, know that you will NEVER lose any of the work created in Text Editor!


Can I copy rich text into Opal Docs and have the format stay the same? 


Does content in Opal Docs save automatically or does it need to be manually saved?

Like any piece of content in Opal, you must first manually save it once to create it. However, after saving it for the first time, all changes in copy save automatically. To keep you from accidentally losing work, you will get a warning before leaving when you haven’t saved that first time. 

Does Opal Docs content pull to the calendar?  

Yes, for day and week view. 

Do Opal Docs content pull in Presentation?  

Yes, a static snapshot pulls into Presentations. 

Can Opal Docs be edited from a Presentation? 


Is there a limit to the number of editors for an Opal Docs?

No, there is not a practical limit that a user would reach.

How are other editors in an Opal Doc indicated? 

Other users in an Opal Doc are listed as whatever name they used to sign up for Opal. In practice, this means they almost always appear as a first and last name.

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