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New Moment Actions

At Opal, we believe efficiency is a key component to creating streamlined workflows. In an effort to further improve efficiency in Opal, we’ve added a series of new actions that can be taken on any moment.

What’s New?

  1. Moment Duplication
  2. Moment Export to PDF
  3. Download all Assets from a Moment

Moment Duplication

Creating moments has always been easy, but it’s never been possible to simply duplicate a moment. Now you can! Not only can moments now be duplicated, you can determine specifically what moment components get duplicated by utilizing one of the following three options:

1. Include full content

The moment and all of its content can be fully duplicated. This creates a moment and content that perfectly mirrors the originating moment and content.

2. Include content placeholders

The moment can be duplicated along with placeholder representations of its content. The placeholders include metadata (service, account, labels, approval phases, content name, etc.) from the original content.

3. Only include moment details

The moment itself can be duplicated without any of its content. This allows you to automatically carry over moment metadata (stories, labels, notes, and moment name) without having to manually set those attributes.

In all three modes, chat and activity, as well as approval/publishing status, is excluded in the duplication process. Activity is automatically created on the duplicated moment and content to denote what moment they were created from.

Export to PDF

The content in a moment can now be exported to a PDF without having to first create a presentation. All the normal functionality of Export to PDF is available, including the ability to filter out specific content from the export.

Download Assets

A ZIP file of all assets used in content within the moment can now be downloaded. This is a batch version of the Download Assets functionality available at the content level.

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