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Andy Hugelier
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Discover Boards, Your New Home in Opal

Your New Home in Opal. Opal was built to be the platform for planning, creating, and calendaring your brand content. With the release of Boards, we're taking the way you work to the next level!

Erynn Baird
Updated 1 month ago by Erynn Baird

Browser Extension

Use the Opal browser extension to represent work created outside Opal, without any duplicative effort.

Erynn Baird
Updated 1 year ago by Erynn Baird

Simplified & Streamlined Navigation

Navigating Opal should be simple. So, in November, you’ll notice a few changes in how Opal is organized. Now, get access to everything you need in one place—faster than ever. Welcome to your new Opal!

Updated 2 years ago

Nested Label Sets

With Nested Label Sets, unique taxonomies can be created to support multiple teams, strategy pillars, product lines, and so on — all coexisting efficiently in the same workspace to provide maximum visibility. Label sets can be associated to a Parent Label, which acts as the "trigger" for the Nested Label Set to appear when creating a story, moment, or piece of content. Save more time and increase label accuracy by creating as many levels of Nested Label Sets as needed - each can have its own requirement rule.

Erynn Baird
Updated 7 months ago by Erynn Baird


Stamps is a fast and simple way to reuse, standardize, and hand off work to achieve greater efficiency and consistency. Opal has always enabled reusing and repurposing moments and content with its du…

Updated 2 years ago

Opal Text Editor

The new Opal Text Editor eliminates those headaches by giving you an easy, flexible way to organize, visualize and review text content across all of your channels. As an update to the current Longform content type, Text Editor offers new formatting options, enhanced image and video embedding, robust support for maintaining pasted text formatting and more — all within a clean, modern interface.

Updated 2 years ago

Moment Flighting

Optimize the timing and impact of your in-market messaging by managing and visualizing the flighting of Opal moments.

Updated 2 years ago


In addition to Opal chat and approval capabilities, you now have another powerful way to keep all of your feedback in one place and make reviews & approvals run smoothly—Annotations in Opal. Now, you can leave comments directly on any area of a piece of content, eliminating the need to give long descriptions of what changes are needed where.

Updated 2 years ago

Your Marketing Calendar, Now on Mobile

To celebrate the full Opal StoryFirst™ framework going mobile, we’ve rebranded the experience, updating its look and changing the name from Dispatch to simply Opal.

Updated 2 years ago

Orchestrate & Visualize Your Website in Opal

We are excited to introduce several new capabilities that streamline the process of creating and orchestrating website content. These new platform updates enable website and e-commerce teams to better collaborate on the process of briefing, flighting and visualizing your website in Opal.

Updated 2 years ago

Email Collaboration Made Easy

​We have introduced several new capabilities that create a whole new way for email teams to work in Opal. These new updates allow email teams to better collaborate around the content creation process — from strategy creation, through creative development and reviews, all the way to distribution.​

Updated 2 years ago

Do More In Your Favorite Views

We have made significant improvements to two of the most commonly used views in Opal: Week View and Moment View.

Updated 2 years ago

Polished for a Purpose

Opal now looks, and sounds, a bit different! This change goes far beyond appearances. We're proud that Opal is now significantly more accessible, which benefits everyone. With these improvements, Opal is easier to read with higher contrast, can be navigated more quickly using your keyboard or assistive device, supports screen readers, and has helpful labels throughout. It also simply looks nicer and is more consistent!

Updated 2 years ago

Workflow In Opal

We’re excited to introduce to you Workflow. Workflow is purpose built for marketing. Workflow is designed to give your teams greater structure yet flexibility to support their unique workflows. It’s designed to bring their work closer to the process. Workflow allows your team to capture, assign and complete all the steps and phases needed to take content from idea to publish.

Updated 2 years ago

Workflow Improvements

Our latest workflow improvements make the things you do every day in Opal faster, including reviewing, collaborating, approving, and delivering content. We've removed clicks to save you time, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

Updated 2 years ago

Content Start and End Dates

One of our most requested features is the ability to set duration for content. We are happy to announce that our first step towards a solution for these requests: content start and end dates! With th…

Updated 2 years ago

Export to PDF

When you need to bring physical copies to a meeting, post on a wall, send by email, or distribute to your team, export your content to PDF. Export. Your content can be exported to PDF within a moment…

Updated 2 years ago

Content Change Tracking

Content can evolve significantly throughout the creative process, and we’ve just launched two new features that give you a detailed look at those changes. The first is longform change tracking, which…

Updated 2 years ago

Export Your Opal Data to CSV

Today, we're releasing a brand-new capability that allows you to export your asset data to CSV as well. So now you can head to the Asset Library and see a new "Export to CSV" button at the top right-hand corner. This will allow you to set a few details—like the kinds of assets you'd like to include, and a file name—and generate a CSV of all the relevant data. Getting your data into a CSV opens up all kinds of powerful new reporting and analysis of your marketing work, but we'll highlight one that's particularly relevant to assets: ROI.

Updated 2 years ago

Do More with Assets

During the content creation process, assets become available at different times and from various sources. This makes it difficult for any marketer to keep their assets organized and available for their entire team. We know this results in redundant creative work and confusion around what assets have been used on which pieces of content. At Opal, our goal is to make working with assets easier and we've made a number of improvements to the Asset Library that do just this.

Updated 2 years ago

Enhancing Collaboration with Access

We’ve heard from many teams using Opal, especially internal creative and agency teams, the need to iterate and collaborate on work in private prior to exposing their work to the broader team. We found many of these teams leveraging multiple systems - one for creating their work (in private) and one for sharing their work with the rest of their team. In many ways this is an obstacle to working effectively, leading to our latest release and solution that is Access.

Updated 2 years ago

Content Data Export

With Content Data Export you can explore your content metadata for insights relevant to your brand, your team, and your work. We’re excited to bring you the ability to export your content metadata, so you can get a detailed, customizable view of your content attributes.

Updated 2 years ago

Added Accountability for Approvers

Opal’s automated approval engine has always made it easy for approvers to review and approve on-time, on-the-fly, and with full context. Adding to these capabilities, we're excited to announce due dates on approvals and account and workspace specific approval chains, increasing accountability while enhancing flexibility for your workflow.

Updated 2 years ago

Facebook Canvas Ads

Opal now supports Facebook Canvas Ads, Facebook's new mobile-exclusive ad type. This new immersive ad type gives brands a powerful way to tell their story with the flexibility of multiple sections like carousels, product catalogs, tilt-to-view images, and videos.

Updated 2 years ago

Plan & Manage Budgets

Opal now provides you the ability to plan and manage your campaign budgets in Opal. Ensuring paid campaigns are tracking to meet an overall budget can be difficult for dispersed teams creating a substantial amount of content. With the new Budgets in Opal, users now have the visibility needed to allocate their spend strategically while staying on budget.

Updated 2 years ago

View & Schedule Timing of Content

You can now visualize the timing of your content in Opal with Timelines. A successful marketing campaign requires a sophisticated approach to timing. When promoting various content at varying times, it can be difficult for marketers to see the complete picture of all content that’s live in-market. If marketing efforts are misaligned, or timing is simply off, your paid campaign can fall flat. With Opal’s new Timelines capabilities, you can now easily view and manage the critical timing of your messaging by setting a start and end date.

Updated 2 years ago

New Moment Actions

At Opal, we believe efficiency is a key component to creating streamlined workflows. In an effort to further improve efficiency in Opal, we’ve added a series of new actions that can be taken on any moment.

Updated 2 years ago