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Added Accountability for Approvers

Opal’s automated approval engine has always made it easy for approvers to review and approve on-time, on-the-fly, and with full context. Adding to these capabilities, we're excited to announce due dates on approvals and account and workspace specific approval chains, increasing accountability while enhancing flexibility for your workflow.


More Structure and Control

Add more structure to your approval workflow with the new due dates on approvals. Creating even greater awareness and accountability for approvers, simply add a due date to any approval phase and Opal will notify the approver of its due date and continue to remind them as the due date gets closer.

Flexibility for Any Situation

Omni-channel teams working in the same story often need different approvers than the story-level approval chains currently allow. To accommodate this, we released dynamic approvals chains that add greater flexibility to your approval workflow and allow different teams to enter at different times. Similar to creating an approval chain at the story-level, you can now create approval chains at the story, account or workspace level that will populate in your content. We'll continue to add greater structure while maintaining flexibility across all your workflows in Opal.

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