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See Everything in Opal

Guide future projects by seamlessly importing any web-based content into Opal.

Opal is the central hub for teams to plan, create, and calendar their marketing. However, some work and some ideas still emerge from outside Opal – and need to be seen in the context of your full marketing picture. Our browser extension enables teams to represent their work alongside the rest of the campaign, without any duplicative effort.


  • Capture screenshots that will display in Opal as content from ESPs, CMS platforms, Figma, or Adobe
  • Import URLs for public web pages that stay updated in Opal
  • Add this content to an existing story and moment for full visibility
  • You can comment on, approve, and calendar uploaded content in Opal
  • Importing content via the browser extension takes a matter of seconds

Now You Can Stay Aligned & Cut Duplicative Work

The way you work best is supported by Opal. Our browser extension ensures that any team can bring anything built using a browser application into Opal – without duplicative work. So, if you’re creating an email blast, a landing page, infographics, a press release, or countless other possibilities, it can live in Opal. Not only does this visibility improve countless different workflows, but it guarantees that Opal stays the source of truth for every team…on every campaign.

Download the Opal browser extension from the Chrome web store today.

Boards + Browser Extension

The browser extension becomes even more powerful when paired with our newest feature: Boards. Boards is a free-form planning space that enables teams to collaborate on work or ideas at any stage in the production process. By pairing the browser extension with Boards, you create a Pinterest-esque image platform for you and your team. Essentially, any project you're working on – or anything that sparks your imagination – can be saved in a dedicated board!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Guide your team's creative direction by capturing inspiring content
  • Collect snapshots of what you did last season
  • Get in-context visuals of what other channel teams are doing
  • Send a snapshot of approved intake request forms to start building out a triage plan
  • Gather and organize UGC from around the web

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