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StoryFirst Framework

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for when ideas and content are organized in a way your entire team can understand. Opal’s StoryFirstTM framework will help you and your team organize all of those ideas and work in an easy-to-navigate environment.

StoryFirst Framework

The StoryFirst framework is an organizational principle that improves marketing team performance by first unifying your work around a story before planning for your channels. The StoryFirst framework is made up of three layers: stories, moments, and content. Each layer of the framework provides you and your team with a place to collaborate around your strategy, which enables you to tell a unified story across every channel.

Let’s take a look at how stories, moments, and content make up our StoryFirst framework.


A story is an overarching campaign, initiative, or event that has a start and end date and takes place over a period time. Within a story, you can upload a brief as well as all the assets the team will use to create content. Once your team has locked in the details of an upcoming campaign, a member of your team will create a story in Opal to represent the campaign.


A moment represents a key point in time. Use moments to lay out the structure and timeline of your story. Create moments early and often to give your team visibility and context for the story’s narrative.


Content is the culmination of your team’s work that will tell your brand’s story. In each moment, you can create as many pieces of content for as many channels as your story’s narrative requires. Channels include social posts, website updates, email campaigns and more. Your team may even have custom channels unique to your brand.


In Opal, organization is a key component to efficient and collaborative workflows. By applying labels throughout the StoryFirst framework, you’ll be able to filter and sort your content, easily surfacing only what you need to see in just a few clicks.

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