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Opal Training

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Opal Training

Welcome to Opal Training! In this article, you will find 3 on-demand training options designed with your marketing team in mind. The videos provide you a high level overview of the platform, as well as two separate targeted trainings for users based on their function within Opal and on your team. 

Whether you're brand new to Opal or a power-user, you’ll learn something new!

Session 1: The Basics 

This 30 minute overview video provides a high level overview of Opal, key areas of the platform, and everything else you need to get started.

Note: It is recommended to watch this video ahead of the others in this article. The content in this video is applicable to all users, including those with View Only access.

Session 2: Project Management & Strategy by Week

Learn how to use Opal for light project management and strategy in this 25 minute on-demand training. You will learn the essential project management capabilities, have a closer look at examples, and ensure you and your team understand how to bring upstream planning into Opal.

Session 3: Content Creation & Creative

For Content Production and Creative teams, this session targets how you will likely spend your time in the platform. The 25 minute session will review how strategy comes to life using in-situation channel planning, how to upload and manage assets, build copy and creative together in context, and construct your editorial calendar.

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Opal Overview