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Story Overview


A story is an overarching brand campaign, product launch, initiative, or event that spans a period of time. Think of it like a project space that helps keeps things organized and efficient.

Within a story, you can upload the campaign brief, as well as all the assets your team will use to create content. Every story, unless it is set as private, will be accessible by anyone who logs into your Opal.

Inside each story are moments that contain planned content related to the story’s objectives.


Your Opal is configured with customized labels to help keep everything organized. When a story is created, required and (optionally) non-required labels will be added to a story. These labels will not only make it easy to filter stories, but will be applied to every new moment and piece of content created within the story.


While creating a story, you’ll have the opportunity to set a default approval and task process for the content within. This provides efficiency for your team and eliminates the hassle of individually adding these phases to every piece of content.


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Create & Manage a Story