Work with Campaigns

Story Overview

A story is an overarching brand campaign, product launch, initiative, or event that spans a period of time. Within a story, you can upload the campaign brief, as well as all the assets your team will use to create content. Every story, unless it is set as private, will be accessible by anyone who logs into your Opal.

Updated 2 years ago

Create & Manage a Story

Get your team started on a new campaign by creating a new story in your workspace. Create a Story. Click “ Stories ” view in the navigation sidebar. Click “ Create a Story ” located in the top right-…

Updated 4 weeks ago

Navigate Stories

A story is made up of many parts including moments, content, labels, assets, briefs, approvers and more. Take a look below to learn how to navigate your stories. View Stories. To see all the stories…

Updated 2 years ago

Export Story Metadata to CSV

Visualizing and creating stories in Opal is a great way to view, track, and build all of your marketing endeavors, but sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and see a more holistic, data-driven vi…

Updated 2 years ago