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Moment Overview

A moment represents a key point in time. Use moments to lay out the structure and timeline of your story. Content is then created within moments, bringing the story’s narrative to life. Any number of moments can be created on any day, and each moment can contain any number of content.

Once moments are created, they are visible to everyone with access to the story. Within each moment, your team will be able to insert notes and upload assets describing how a particular moment relates to the larger narrative. This provides context as individuals create content, ensuring a cohesive message during the creation process.

Types of Moments

Moment Placeholder

This is a moment that doesn’t contain any content. Use a empty moment as a milestone or a placeholder for upcoming content.

Tip: Change the color of moment placeholders using the settings option while viewing the calendar by week.

Moment with Content

A moment containing content will display channel icons indicating which content channels have already been planned for within the moment. The approval status of the contained content is displayed in the top right-hand corner. If the moment is associated with a story, the name of the story is displayed in the top left-hand corner.

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Create & Manage a Moment