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Naming Conventions

Using naming conventions, your team can easily get set up to organize campaigns and content by defining a clear naming convention for stories, moments, and content.

Opal not only shows you what you and your team are creating, it also makes it easy to find what everyone is working on thanks to filters, labels, and, importantly, keywords.

Keywords stand out, even when there's a lot of noise around because they can find a single item, or dozens of items related together.

Story Naming Conventions

A story name should summarize the overarching objective, and make it easy for anyone to know what is happening. As a bonus, adding details such as who is involved in the story increases clarity about whom to contact if questions arise.

Tip: Use the description section to provide details on the larger objectives, KPIs, and story owner - if it isn't included in the title.

Naming Structure


  • [Campaign Name]
  • 2023 Open Enrollment
  • [Campaign Name] | [Primary Industry/Solution] | [Story owner]
  • Resilience at Work | Cross-Solution | Miles Morales
  • Covid-19 Return to Work | HR
  • [Product Vertical] | [CTA]
  • Financial Industry | Upper Funnel Dev
  • Loyalty Program Registration
  • Thought Leadership | Executives
  • [Year Season] [Initiative] | [Date range]
  • 2021 Fall Product Release | 09.01-09.20
  • [Region] | [Product Focus]
  • APAC | Awareness Campaign
  • [Event Name] [Year]
  • Open Enrollment Fall 2022
  • SXSW 2023

Moment Naming Conventions

Choose a moment naming convention strategically. The maximum length is 60 characters.

We recommend, not including the Story name, channel(s), or other details that can be easily filtered. Instead, add key information that will be used for that specific part of a campaign.

Tip: Always include a channel card to add to moments, so the moment will display in a presentation and Timelines.

Moment Naming Structure


  • [CTA] | Platforms
  • Registration | Social Push (PAID)
  • [PAID] - Campaign Name
  • PAID - Product Release
  • [Abr. Blog Title] | [Executive]
  • Target Case Study | Benjamin Poindexter
  • [Campaign #] | Moment Name | Go Live time
  • Time : 6742 | TIL - Pro tip | 0900

Content Naming Conventions

Content cards display the channel icon, and can be used to filter what you see on the calendar. We recommend removing the channel name from the content title, and adding your own take on content names.

In its place, add key details that will help your team quickly know what the content is, and how it will connect to the broader campaign plans.

Content Naming Structure


  • [Channel and Content Type] | [Goal]
  • IGS poll | Engagement
  • [Content Type] | [CTA]
  • IG Story | event reg
  • [Option #] [Channel] [Version #]
  • Option 1 IG Story V1
  • [Campaign Name] - [video format]
  • Back to School - 4:5
  • Back to School - vertical

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