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Plan & Manage Budgets

Opal now provides you the ability to plan and manage your campaign budgets in Opal. Ensuring paid campaigns are tracking to meet an overall budget can be difficult for dispersed teams creating a substantial amount of content. With the new Budgets in Opal, users now have the visibility needed to allocate their spend strategically while staying on budget.

Budgets Functionality Now Includes

  • Set a budget on a story or a moment
  • Allocate budget to moments or content
  • Record budget on a moment or content without a story budget
  • Reference how much of a story or moment budget has been allocated
  • See when stories or moments are over-budget
  • Export budget values to CSV

These new platform enhancements keep the budget at the forefront of your campaign planning and facilitation. It provides budget planners the ability to set a budget at the story level, or campaign, and communicate that to their team. As budget allocations change and flux, the whole team can easily see how they are tracking against the overall budget.


When a budget is set on a story or moment, it is then visible when allocating budget to moments or content. When budget is allocated to moments or content, it is clearly visible how much budget is remaining, visually alerting users to budget overages.


Budgets also makes it easy to see, at a glance, how much budget is allocated to content. From the Content Card, budget allocation is viewable by simply selecting the content details icon. The budget information will be displayed at the top of the popover.


Using this new enhancement to Opal will make it easier to plan and communicate the budgets of your campaigns.

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