Opal Glossary

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There are a number of terms we encourage you to familiarize yourself with as you navigate Opal. Understanding these terms will align your team, keeping you all on target to success.

Account - An account is a specific page or profile that you’ll use within a channel. You may have more than one account for each channel. e.g. Feather & Bow Global and Feather & Bow U.S.

Actions - A number of features available on a piece of content, including operations such as duplicate and share.

Approvals Queue - A view in Opal where you can view and engage with all content sent for approval.

Asset - An asset is a photo, video, document, etc.

Asset Library - A place to centralize, organize, and access media within a story.

Automatic delivery - A method to deliver fully approved content to an integration partner without any additional interaction.

Calendar - Access everything your team has created within a workspace.

Channel - A channel is a medium that you use to promote your message. e.g. Facebook, email, blog.

Chat & Activity - A central place to provide feedback, ask questions and track the history of a piece of content and/or moment.

Composer - Use the composer to see what your content looks like before you publish it. Add all relevant details about content including the content type, account, copy, assets and more.

Content - Content is the culmination of creative copy, assets, notes, etc. that is created within a moment to tell a story’s narrative.

Content card - A representation of content that can be used to perform actions on the content or to access and edit its settings and components.

Content Queue - Scroll through all the content that has been created within a workspace and access its approval and publication status.

Content type - The content template options available for each channel.

Deliver - The term used to describe how content is sent as a draft to an integration partner.

Filters - Selectively choose labels to customize your viewing experience. Filters remain set until they are disabled.

Integration partner - An external service connected to Opal via APIs that enable additional content options.

Keyword search - Type in a word or phrase to display specific content, moments, or stories.

Labels - A label is custom-configured and categorized metadata attached to a defined group of stories, moments, pieces of content and assets, which will allow you to find what you need and help keep everything organized.

Moment - A moment represents a key point in time in your story. Use a moment to lay out the structure of a story as a content bucket, message, or milestone.

Native delivery - A method to deliver fully-approved content to an individual via SMS, email, or SMS & email, to be manually published.

Note - Add ideas and assets that contain additional details to help your team.

Profile - Manage your personal information in Opal including: email, phone, image and more.

Published - This status indicates that content was published to the web manually, or via an integration partner.

Space(s) - A term used to describe a single or multiple stories, moments, or content.

Stories view - Get alignment on the timeline of each story and gain insight into the moment frequency of each story. Clicking into a story reveals all the moments and content associated with the selected story.

Stamps - A template, based on a moment or content, that can be used by anyone on the team.

Story - A story is an overarching campaign, initiative, or event that has a start & end date that takes place over a period of time.

Workspace - A space that allows an organization to arrange their brands, regions, product groups, etc. into a single place in Opal.

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