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All stories, moments, and content can be flighted, and are visually represented to make it easy to see gaps in your plans.

It's possible to view flighting in a number of places, including: Calendar, Stories, Timelines, and the Composer.

View Flighting

Access your calendar, and see how flighting is affecting your calendar via Timelines.


Moment flighting details are displayed on the moment card.

  1. Navigate to Calendar via the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Select Week via the tabs above the calendar.
  3. Hover over a piece of content to see a preview of content, and its flighting details.
Note: If you do not see content while viewing the Calendar, click settings located on the top right-hand corner, then select “Show”.

Story Page

View flighting for a specific story and dive in to see the flighting for the supported moments and content.

  1. Navigate to Stories via the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click into a story.
  3. Click “Timelines” located below the story name.


Each horizontal bar within Timelines represents the time a moment and piece of content is scheduled to be in market, easily allowing you to spot any gaps in coverage and adjust times as necessary.

  1. Navigate to Timelines via the the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Hover over a Timeline bar to see a preview of content.
Note: You can switch between Content and Placements flighting via the left-hand sidebar or tabs above the Timelines calendar.


After clicking on a content card, the flighting details are noted in the Composer in the Content Settings tab.

Edit Flighting

Make quick changes to reflect changes to your plans.


Edit the start and end dates of moments and content by using the End Date column.

  1. Navigate to Timelines.
  2. Locate the relevant item you want to update.
  3. Under the End Date column, click the current end date.
  4. Select a new date.
Note: Changes are saved automatically.
Important: If you do not see the End Date column, click the settings icon, then click the check box for Due Date.


  1. Navigate to a piece of content, and click it to open the Composer.
  2. If not already selected, click "This content has an end date and time.”
  3. Add or update the date and time.
  4. Click “Save” or “Save + Close.”

Timelines Options

Show & Hide Columns

Customize your view by toggling the columns you want to see.

  1. Click the settings icon next to the grouping selector for all column options.
  2. Select your preferred columns to reveal the details relevant to each piece of content.
Tip: Make quick edits via column fields. Changes are saved immediately.

View by Week, Month, Quarter, and Year

In Timelines, you can zoom in to a specific week or take a birds eye view of all content scheduled throughout the week, month, quarter, or year.

Select a date within the “viewing from” dropdown to see all content timelines which are active during the selected date.



Sometimes you only need to view content related to a specific campaign or project. Use filters to surface only the content you’d like to view.

Group Content

Content can be ordered vertically within Timelines by grouping content by channel, account, story, or moment to surface timelines within your preferred context.

  1. Click “Group by...” located in the top left-hand corner of Timelines.

Additional Information

Timelines Content Sort Order

  • Content is sorted by default by the creation date, i.e. the oldest will be at the top of the list of content and the newest will be at the bottom.
  • When content has been manually arranged within a moment, that order will be applied in place of the creation date.

Timelines Moment Sort Order

  • Moments are sorted by default by the creation date, i.e. the oldest will be at the top of the list and the newest will be at the bottom.

Flighting Time

  • Content start date is the same as the moment start date it is within.
  • Changing a moment start date will not adjust the moment or content end date.
  • Moment flighting end date is independent of a story's duration, i.e. it can be scheduled past the story end date.
  • Content flighting end date is independent of a moment's duration, i.e. it can be scheduled past the moment end date.

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