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Stamps is a fast and simple way to reuse, standardize, and hand off work to achieve greater efficiency and consistency.

Opal has always enabled reusing and repurposing moments and content with its duplication capability. Stamps takes that functionality to the next level by incorporating it into your natural flow of work and bringing intentionality to what you and your team make available for reuse. Now you can make templates from your moments and content and use them with one click!


There are many reasons you may reuse moments or content:

  • Reducing work for recurring marketing/communication initiatives (e.g. product launches, promotions)
  • Handing off work between teams (e.g. central to regional teams)
  • Ensuring consistency/compliance (e.g. legal boilerplate, standard headers/footers/CTAs)
  • Applying Workflows and label sets based on the need (not story or account)
    Stamps will save you significant time in all of these cases, and many more.

Highlighted Capabilities

  • Stamps apply to Moments and Content

  • Any user can make any moment or piece of content a Stamp, or make use of an existing Stamp
  • Moment Stamps include all of the moment's content, from the content structure to its text and assets. They also include notes and labels
  • Content Stamps include all of the content's structure, text, assets, as well as metadata (e.g. time, labels), note, Content Delivery options, and Workflow
  • Moment Stamps can be limited to a story and Content Stamps can be limited to an account
  • Admins can rename, limit, and remove all Stamps through the Workspace admin

We're excited to hear how your team will become more efficient with Stamps. Please reach out and let us know how you put it to use, how much time it's saving your team, and any feedback or thoughts you have!

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