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Email Preview

The Email Preview channel is a standard in all Opals and is updated regularly to best represent the current state of the channel platform. Below are details about Email Preview content types and their corresponding specs.

Please contact support if you have questions about Opal's representation of content types for Email Preview.

Email Preview Content Types

  • URL Preview
  • Final Asset

URL Preview

  • URL - A valid URL starting with http:// or https://

Channel Options

  • n/a

Device Views

  • Desktop Standard

Final Asset

  • Text - Unlimited
  • Asset - Select up to 1 image, including animated gifs, and 100 documents

Channel Options

  • Subheader - Add subheader text
  • Headline - Add header text
  • Text - Add text
  • Primary CTA - Add primary CTA text
  • Primary CTA URL - Specify CTA URL destination
  • Additional CTA URLs - Add unlimited additional CTAs
    • Segment Info Desc - Add segmentation details, unlimited text
    • CTA # - Specify additional CTA text
    • CTA # URL - Specify additional CTA URL destination

Device Views

  • Desktop Standard

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