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The Opal + FirstUp integration makes it easy to publish content easier.

Integration Flow

Opal delivers content to Firstup in a draft state after receiving final approval. Someone with Firstup access will need to review the content before scheduling or publishing it.

When content receives final approval, the following will be delivered:

Firstup Note

  • Content Name
  • Copy
  • Label(s) as Firstup Channel

Firstup Article

  • Content Name
  • Copy as HTML
  • Assets
  • Label(s) as Firstup Channel
  • Content Name
  • Link address
  • Latest preview image
  • Label(s) as Firstup Channel
Note: Labels are not required to deliver content.
Important: Notes are not delivered.

Create and Deliver Content

  1. Create content.
  2. Select an integrated account.
  3. Select a supported Content Type.
  4. Set the delivery time.
  5. Add copy and assets.
  6. Start workflow with at least one approval phase.
  7. Approve content before the scheduled time.
Important: Content is delivered in a draft state. To publish content, someone with access will need to login and schedule or publish the delivered content.

After Publication

When content is published, the following will take place:

  1. Firstup users will be notified based on their personal settings.
Important: Firstup does not provide Opal with a publicly accessilbe live URL. Firstup users can access a live post in FirstUp by clicking “View Live” on the content card after it has been published.

Supported Content Types

  • Generic - delivered as a Note
  • Text Editor - delivered as an Article
  • URL Preview - delivered as a Link Preview

Supported Files

  • Images - still and animated
Note: There is no maximum image file size.

Set Up the Integration

Contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Additional Information

Is content delivered immediately?

Opal delivers content every five (5) minutes.

Can content be published to multiple Firstup Channels?

  • Yes. It is possible to publish content to multiple channels. To do so, add a label for each Firstup Channel to which the content will be delivered.

After receiving a final approval, will updates made in Opal be delivered to Firstup?

  • No. Content edits made in Opal after a piece of content has been approved will need to be made in Opal and Firstup.

Will content edits in Firstup be delivered to Opal?

  • No. Content edits made in Firstup should also be done in Opal to ensure one to one alignment.

Are labels required?

  • No. All content will be delivered to Firstup as a draft, regardless of whether or not it has any mapped channel labels applied.

Can multiple workspaces be connected to Firstup

  • Yes. It is possible to connect multiple workspaces with one Firstup configuration.

What is the cost for the integration? 

Contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for more details.

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