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Text Editor

Use Text Editor to create long form content for blogs, email, newsletters, brainstorming, and more.


Create Long Form Content

  1. Navigate to a moment and click to open it.
  2. Click “Add Content” and select the relevant channel.
    Note: This may be “Text Editor” or a unique name for your team, e.g. Blog, Press Release, etc.
  3. Click on the content card.
  4. Within the Composer, select the content type “Text Editor” or the appropriately named content type.
    Note: Complete all required fields noted with orange indicators. e.g. account and time, labels, etc.
  5. Click anywhere in the body of the Composer to add copy.
  6. To attach an asset, position the cursor where you want the asset to appear then click the “Open Asset Library” icon to select an asset from the Asset Library or the “Upload Asset” icon to upload an asset from your computer.
  7. Click “Save” or “Save + Close.”
Important: Only one person at a time can edit a piece of content.
Important: Changes must be saved or discarded.

Text Formatting Options

Format text the same way you would in your preferred word processing application.


The following formatting options are available:

p.jpgParagraph text

h1.jpgLarge header text

h2.jpgMedium header text

h3.jpgSmall header text

text-left.jpgAlign text left

text-center.jpgAlign text center

text-right.jpgAlign text right

bold.jpgBold text

italic.jpgItalic text

underline.jpgUnderline text

strikethrough.jpgStrike-through text

blockquote.jpgInline quote text

ul.jpgBulleted list

ol.jpgNumbered list

url-M.jpgHyperlink text

folder-directory-S.jpgOpen the Asset Library

upload-M.jpgUpload asset

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Bold - command+b (OS X), control+b (Windows)
  • Italics - command+i (OS X), control+i (Windows)
  • Underline - command+u (OS X), control+u (Windows)
  • Cut - command+x (MacOS), ctrl+x (Windows)
  • Copy - command+c (MacOS), ctrl+c (Windows)
  • Paste - command+v (MacOS), ctrl+v (Windows)
  • Indent list item - tab
  • Outdent list item - shit+tab
  • Save - command+s (MacOS), ctrl+s (Windows)
  • Save and Close - command+shift+s (MacOS), ctrl+shift+s (Windows)
Tip: View a complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

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