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Chrome Browser Extension

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The Opal browser extension enables you to capture content from anywhere on the web and bring it into Opal. This gives you full freedom to create content your way. Whether you're working on an email, webpage, blog, or something else, you can represent it in Opal without ever leaving your creative space. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Install the Extension

Before you begin, first install the extension from the Chrome web store.


  1. Navigate to the Chrome web store.
  2. Click the "Add to Chrome" button.
  3. Pin it to your browser's toolbar.
  4. Enter your Opal's URL (e.g. "")
  5. Login to Opal using your email and password.

Get Work into Opal

  1. When on the page you want to send into Opal, open the browser extension.
  2. Select what to send to Opal.
    1. Choose "screen capture" to send an image of current page.
      1. Specify how much screen to capture by selecting from one of the following options: "Visible Part", "Full Page", or "Specific Area".
    2. Or choose "URL" to generate a URL preview of current page.
  3. Next, select where content will live in Opal.
    1. Click the "Channel" dropdown and select the appropriate channel.
    2. Optionally, select the following:
      1. Rename the "Name" field.
      2. Select the "Board" where the content should live.
      3. Select the "Story" where the content should live.
      4. Select or create the "Moment" where the content should live.
      5. Select a new date from the "Scheduled Date" picker.
    3. Click "Create" to send it to Opal.
    4. Once created, select "Click to View" to see it in Opal.
Note: If adding content to an existing moment, the current moment date will be auto-filled and cannot be changed in the extension.

Additional Information

What browsers does the extension work in?

Currently, this extension is only available in Google Chrome.

Do you have to have a special permission to use the extension?

The extension only works for standard or admin role types.

Will I be able to see all stories and moments in my workspace?

The extension only includes stories and moments created in the previous or upcoming 100 days, in any selected workspace.

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