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Labels Sets and Labels

Organization is a key component to efficient and collaborative workflows. By applying labels consistently, you’ll be able to filter and sort your content, easily surfacing everything you need to see or share in just a few clicks.

Label Sets

Depending on your Opal, label sets might be categories, regions, seasons, or any number of creative properties by which your team organizes and structures their content. All label sets are comprised of labels, which add additional detail.


  • Label Set: Products
  • Labels: Accessories, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes
Tip: There is no limit to the number of label sets you create for your team.

Primary Label Sets

When one or more label sets exist, a primary label set is required.

When viewing Stories, the primary label set displays stories based on your team's campaign terminology, i.e. labels.

Note: Labels added to a story are automatically associated with moments and content within the story.
Tip: Admins can set the color for labels within the primary label set. These changes will affect story colors in Stories.

Shared Label Sets

When working with multiple workspaces, you may want the same label sets and labels options to be available for the team. This can be accomplished with shared label sets.

Note: Shared labels can be added or removed by an Opal Admin.

Required Label Sets

At a minimum, one required label set be included in every workspace, ensuring that every future story, moment or piece of content can be filtered by at least one label.

By default, label sets are set as optional. However, required labels ensure that all stories. moments, and content receive a minimum of one or more labels upon creation.

Label sets can be set to required for an entire workspace or just for content within a workspace. Labels required at the workspace level must be selected within the story or moment creator before clicking save. Similarly, required labels on content must be selected after selecting the channel account, and prior to starting the workflow on that piece of content. 

Note: Any label set, except for the primary label set, can be set as required or optional.


Keep your work moving quickly by setting the availability of a label set to the workspace or a piece of content.

Nested Label Sets

Label sets can be associated to another label set, aka a Parent Label, which acts as the trigger for the Nested Label Set to appear when creating a story, moment, or piece of content.

Tip: You can create as many levels of Nested Label Sets as you need. There is no limit of parent/child associations.


Every Opal is configured with customized labels to help keep everything organized within the context of your team, workflow, and brand.

When stories have labels applied, these labels automatically apply to all moments and content created within that story. After moments and content are created, new labels can be applied and default labels removed, creating an automatic yet flexible organizational system.

Tip: Access to many labels for filtering or sorting may be beneficial. However, requiring too many labels can make the creation process tedious.
Warning: If labels are manually edited on a moment or content, label updates made to the higher level object, story or moment, will not automatically apply.

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