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The Opal + Wrike integration makes it easy to streamline workflows between marketing and communications teams in Opal and creative production teams in Wrike.

Send Creative Production Requests to Wrike

Send requests right from Opal. As work is finished and assets are added to the project in Wrike, you’ll get an Opal notification, and find finished assets delivered to the Opal Asset Library.

Add Creative to Your Marketing Calendar

Automatically create campaign stories and moments on your marketing calendar in Opal from finished creative work in Wrike.

Get Connected

To learn more about implementing the Wrike integration, contact your Opal admin or support.

Additional Information

Workspace Configuration

Each Wrike integration connects to one Opal workspace, i.e. one Wrike integration per workspace.

Additional Wrike integrations can be configured to connect to additional workspaces.

Note: It is possible to use one Wrike setup to connect to multiple workspaces in the same Opal. To do this, Opal requires each Wrike implementation to use a different status trigger to avoid story and moment creation duplicating.

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