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Workflow on Moments

Coordinate plans, including tasks and approvals, as well as who is responsible for each step for each moment.

Set Up Workflow

Add your team's workflow to a moment by creating and assigning task and approval phases to a moment. To add workflow to a moment:

  1. Navigate to a moment.
  2. Click “Workflow Not Created”.
  3. Select one of the available options: Task Phase, Approval Phase, Pause.
  4. Fill in details for the phase.
  5. Add more phases as needed.
  6. Click “Start Workflow”.
  7. Click “X“ to close the editor.
    Moment Workflow 701x704.gif
Note: Edits made to the workflow are saved automatically.


Moment tasks and approvals are managed on each moment, i.e. task and approval phases are not inherited from stories and by content.

Pause Phase

A pause phase can be added to temporarily stop a workflow and notify one or many of your colleagues. An email and in-app notification will be sent to everyone assigned to a pause phase.

Note: A pause can be added after a task or approval phase. When you'd like to continue the workflow, click “Resume”.

Approval Status

The status of your moment workflow can be easily seen in Calendar while viewing by week.

  • Workflow Not Started - Workflow has been created and has not been started yet
  • Tasks Pending - A task phase is active with at least one task pending completion
  • Workflow Paused - Workflow is paused and can be re-started by anyone on the team
  • Approval Pending - A request for approval has been sent
  • Moment Declined - The request for approval has been declined
  • Moment Approved - The request for approval has been approved
Note: The approval status does not impact a piece of content’s status.

Assignments View

To see the status of moment tasks and approvals, click on the “Moments” toggle.

Pro-tip: See all your tasks and approvals by using the Assignee filter in the Assignments view.

Personal Panel

Review moment tasks and approvals assigned to you in the Personal Panel.


Additional Information

Email Notifications

Opal will send emails at various times to reflect the current state of the workflow status. These notifications include:

  • Moment Task Phase Ready
  • Moment Task Due Soon
  • Moment Approval Phase Ready
  • Moment Workflow Task Email
  • Moment Workflow Approval Email
  • Moment Mention on Denial
  • Moment Mention on Approval
  • Moment Denied
  • Moment Denied on Behalf of Someone
  • Moment Approved
  • Moment Approved on Behalf of Someone

Personal Tasks and Approvals

In the Personal Panel you can see the status of workflow tasks and approvals. Notifications include:

  • Moment Task To Do
  • Moment Task Upcoming
  • Moment Task Overdue
  • Moment Task Completed
  • Moment Approval Needed Notification

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