Content Start and End Dates

One of our most requested features is the ability to set duration for content. We are happy to announce that our first step towards a solution for these requests: content start and end dates!

With the introduction of content start and end dates, we’re adding powerful capabilities to navigate Opal's calendar views and Content Queue, as well as the ability to filter and sort for live and expiring content.



Many teams are required by regulations - legal, copyright, or otherwise - to remove or change content in order to remain within compliance standards.

With content start and end times, users can represent content life cycles and quickly answer the question: What is set to expire?

Life Cycle, Flighting, Duration

Teams often need to have detailed visibility into what content is running during specific time periods.

With content start and end times, users can represent campaign content life cycles and answer the question: What campaign content is live this month?

To set an end date and time, open the Composer, click the checkbox to specify that ”This content has an end date and time,” select the end date, set the time, and save the content.


Filter & Sort

Once an end date and time is set, content can be revealed in a number of ways as you navigate Opal.

Click ”Filter” then enable the ”Date Range” option to reveal content that is active during the specified dates.


In the Content Queue, use the ”Show by end date” option to display content that has an end date and time.


When creating slides for a presentation, enable "Include content within a duration included in this date range" to ensure all the relevant content is included.


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