Polished for a Purpose

Opal now looks, and sounds, a bit different! This change goes far beyond appearances. We're proud that Opal is now significantly more accessible, which benefits everyone.

With these improvements, Opal is easier to read with higher contrast, can be navigated more quickly using your keyboard or assistive device, supports screen readers, and has helpful labels throughout. It also simply looks nicer and is more consistent!Some of these updates include:

  • A refined, cleaner color scheme that provides enhanced contrast to improve readability. Simply put — it looks better and creates more consistency.
  • Keyboard controls for navigating Opal, browsing views, completing forms, and much more. This allows users employing assistive devices to use Opal, while also making it faster for everyone to get around.
  • Comprehensive labeling to enable screen readers to make sense of Opal. This makes Opal easier for everyone through improvements like clearer form labels.

These changes are all improvements to current functionality. No re-learning Opal is required!

We're proud that this work demonstrates how an accessible product is a better product for all. This is just the beginning of our focus on improving the user interface and experience of Opal over the course of 2021. These improvements are all aimed at increasing Opal's value by making it easier and faster.

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