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Nested Label Sets

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Nested Label Sets enables teams to work together in Opal without friction.

With Nested Label Sets, unique taxonomies can be created to support multiple teams, strategy pillars, product lines, and so on — all coexisting efficiently in the same workspace to provide maximum visibility.

Label sets can be associated to a Parent Label, which acts as the "trigger" for the Nested Label Set to appear when creating a story, moment, or piece of content. Save more time and increase label accuracy by creating as many levels of Nested Label Sets as needed - each can have its own requirement rule.

Some uses for Nested Label Sets include:

  • Allow multiple teams with their own taxonomy to coexist in one workspace, enabling centralized visibility and greater efficiency.
  • Represent robust taxonomies for specific product lines, business units, regions, etc.
  • Ensure consistent, accurate taxonomies through distinct label set requirements based on how label sets are nested.
  • Cleaner taxonomy mapping with integrated tools and processes.

How it Works

As an example, let's say you have a label set named Products. Within that, you have a label named Furniture. You then have another label set named Furniture Type. You set the Furniture label as the Parent Label for Furniture Type.

Now when you create a story, moment, or piece of content, you will only see the Products label set initially. Picking the Furniture label will cause the Furniture Type label set to appear. As a result, you only have to pick labels from label sets relevant to your work.

Nesting can continue on as many "levels" as needed. Continuing the example, picking the Chair Label from the Furniture Type label set could cause a Chair SKUs label set to appear. Any of these label sets can be set as required, and those requirements will only be enforced if the label set is visible based on the selected Labels. This enables unique requirement rules for different product lines, teams, regions, and so on.

Nested Label Sets increases Opal’s flexibility to better enable teams working together, supporting the exact way they organize their work, and reducing human error to increase consistency.

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