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Approver-Only User

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Opal approver seats are intended to give limited Opal access to specific users who are only required to take part in the content approval process. There are certain limitations that prevent approver-only users from collaborating in the same way as a users with full platform access.


You have access to Opal where and when you need.

  • Web
  • Mobile

Approval Methods

There are several ways to approve content depending on your preferred workflow. Content can be approved in any place it can be seen in Opal, including:

  • Personal Panel
  • Calendar
  • Mobile App
  • Presentation
Tip: Opal recommends only approving content if there are no changes to be made. Decline a piece of content when a change needs to be made by another user, even if the change is small. This ensures that no last-minute edits are missed before publishing.

In brief, approver-only users can do the following:

  • Receive task assignments
  • View notifications
  • View and complete tasks
  • View and complete approvals

Personal Panel

The Personal Panel allows you to review, approve, and decline content from anywhere in Opal, right alongside your tasks and notifications, allowing you to streamline your task and approval process with the rest of your workflow.

All content assigned to you for approval will appear in the "Approvals" tab of your personal panel sorted by soonest to farthest scheduled date.

Clicking on any content line item in the personal panel will render the content and all content details. Simply approve, approve with comment, or decline content by using the approvals controls surfaced on the content. Once either approve or decline has been selected, the personal panel will automatically advance to the next required approval.

All approvals that have not been completed by the scheduled date will appear under the "Overdue" tab.

Note: Approver-only user notifications will automatically redirect to the Personal Panel.
Important: Approver-only users do not have access to edit content.


Approver-only users can be @mentioned in any chat-feed, but due to limited access to the platform, are prevented from engaging in any chat-feed that is not located on content requiring their approval. Approver-only users can only view chat and activity on content within the Personal Panel.

Best practice summary for @mentioning approver-only users:

  • Only @mention users on content or assets sent to them for approval, avoiding @mentions on moments.
  • Approver-only users can engage in chat feeds located on content and assets associated with pending their approval from within the Personal Panel.


A convenient way to approve when you’re on-the-go is via email.

You can specify in your email settings if you’d like to receive a daily digest of all your approval requests or a single email per request.

If you’re set up to receive an email per approval request in your profile settings, you will be able to approve or decline directly from the email. Simply click on the green approve button to approve or the red to decline. Doing so will open a draft email in your email client.

Tip: Be sure to include a detailed comment if you are declining content, so your team has a clear idea of next steps.
Important: If you are set up to receive a daily approval digest, you will not be able to approve by email.

Opal on Mobile

One of the most convenient ways to approve content when on-the-go is Opal on mobile. Download our mobile application through the App Store.

Tapping on a piece of content pending your approval will prompt you to select approve or decline with the option of adding feedback.

To see all of the content pending your approval in a workspace, tap on the Approvals tab located in the navigation bar along the bottom of the screen.

Tip: Opt-in to receive a push notifications to stay in the loop when new approval requests are sent to you. This setting can be managed in the app settings on your smartphone.


When you are sent an Opal presentation containing content pending your approval, you can approve directly from the presentation from either the moment or day slides.

User Directory

Access the User Directory to browse other users in your Opal. 

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