Managing Custom Columns for Admins

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The columns in any board can now be customized to ensure you and your team can always show the most relevant information for a project.

To toggle columns on and off, any user can click the "Columns" button in the header:

However, only admins are able to create custom column options for users in their workspace. In order to manage custom columns, click "+ New Custom Field" in this section:

As an admin you will be able to activate or deactivate pre-existing custom column fields or add new ones. When adding new columns, you can select between a text field, a URL field, or a calendar date picker.

These columns will then be available in Boards for all users in your Opal.


Who can add custom column options?

Workspace admins are the only users able to add new fields for columns.

What shouldn’t you name columns? 

  • Image
  • Name
  • Note
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Date
  • Story
  • Workflow
  • Label
  • Labels
  • Any pre-existing custom column name

What happens if you use one of these names? 

These are the names of existing Opal columns, which will be duplicative and confusing. 

Is there a limit to the amount of custom columns you can create? 


How do you get deactivated columns back? 

Simply click “options” under the three dots – in the admin panel. 

Where does the description of the column appear? 

The description is only shown in the backend admin panel currently.

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Managing Custom Columns in Boards