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Communications teams manage and facilitate an organization's external and internal communications. Their primary role is to ensure effective and consistent information flow between various departments, teams, employees, and outside audiences which may include articulating the organizations' goals and objectives, highlighting innovations fostering community and engagement, distributing company news and positioning.

This short video outlines how Communications teams can leverage Opal's capabilities to plan, develop and execute against their Comms strategies.

Opal offers several benefits for Communications teams, including:

  1. Developing and maintaining the organization's brand identity, ensuring consistent messaging across all external and internal communications channels.
  2. Strategize, ideate, and collaborate with company partners on branded messaging.
  3. Quickly share planned Communications activatioins by spinning up an Opal presentation. Within minutes, you can create and customize your presentation to share with a variety of audiences in a variety of formats whether they have a seat in Opal or not. 
  4. Mitigate risk by planning and approving appropriate scenario responses.

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