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Opal Calendar

The calendar provides a visual representation of when your moments and content are scheduled in Opal, offering an easy way to plan and visualize all content within a workspace.

Opal Calendar

The calendar can be viewed by day, week, and month. Each view provides a different way to visualize, plan, and collaborate your moments and content.

  1. Click “Calendar” in the sidebar.
  2. Click “Day”, “Week” or “Month
Tip: Use filter, search, and sort features to surface timely and relevant moments and content.

Viewing by Day 

Navigate by selecting a specific day on the timeline or by clicking the right and left navigation arrows.

  • Moments are represented by vertical columns arranged from left to right in chronological order with content appearing in a column.
  • Content can be reviewed, approved, and collaborated on without opening a moment.

Viewing by Week

When viewing by week, you can see seven days’ worth of moments at one time.

To view a different week, click a new week on the timeline or use the left and right navigation arrows to navigate forward or backward.

Moments are represented by moment cards stacked in vertical columns; each column represents a different day of the week.

Each moment card shows the name of the moment, the name of its primary story, the current approval status and the channel icons that represent the moment’s media mix.

Click on any moment card to create additional pieces of content, and visualize and interact with any content within.

Move a moment to another day by dragging and dropping a moment card on a different day of the week or on a specific date in the timeline.

Move a piece of content by dragging the specific piece of content from one moment to another.

Week Options

Update your personal view of the week by setting your preferred options.

  1. Click “Options ⚙️”.
  2. Under Content, click “Hide” or “Show”.
    1. Selecting Hide will display the channel icons only for content within a moment.
    2. Selecting Show will display a list of content within a moment.
  3. Under Cover Images, click “No Image,“ “Standard,” or “Scaled”.
    1. Selecting “No Image” will display all moments without a cover image.
    2. Selecting “Standard” will display all moments with a cover image that is the same size.
    3. Selecting “Scaled” will display all moments with a cover image that adjusts to the cover image size.
Note: Moments without a cover image will not be affected when Standard or Scaled are selected.

Viewing by Month

When viewing by month, you can see a high-level overview of stories, moments, or accounts planned on every day of the month.

To navigate the calendar to a different month, simply click the right and left navigation arrows to move backward or forward in time.

When viewing by month, you can modify your view to show either stories, moments, or channels. To do so, select your desired option from the “Show as…”  menu located in the top left corner of the calendar.

Tip: Move a moment to a different day by selecting “Show as Moments,” then drag and drop any moment to another day in the calendar.

When “Show as Stories” is selected, click a story to reveal all moments planned within. Click on the title of the moment to open it.

When “Show as Channels” is selected, click a channel to see the titles of all content planned for the selected channel. Click on a content title to view it.

Opal on Mobile

Opal on mobile lets you access all your stories, moments, and content at anytime. See down to the content level to view every piece of content planned for a given day, or zoom out to the story and moment levels to see all of your stories by month and moments by day, week, and month.

Manage approvals, provide feedback, and collaborate on content or download content and assets directly from your device or upload them to social platforms for publication.  

Note: Private moments and content are not visible and access cannot be requested on mobile. You will need to request access to private spaces via Opal on the web.

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