Getting Started

Onboarding into Opal

Welcome to Opal. Setting up a successful implementation starts with your team: identifying the key players to help bring your instance to life and goals you will accomplish along the way. In this art…

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Opal Training

Opal Training. Welcome to Opal Training! In this article, you will find 3 on-demand training options designed with your marketing team in mind. The videos provide you a high level overview of the pla…

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Opal Overview

What is Opal? Opal is a planning platform that brings your marketing content into context and allows teams to collaborate like never before in one single source of truth. Opal enables teams to create, visualize, and deploy campaigns across all marketing channels.

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StoryFirst Framework

It’s easy to use the Opal's StoryFirst framework to find what you’re looking for when ideas and content are organized in a way your entire team can understand.

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Opal Calendar

The Opal calendar provides a visual representation of when your content is scheduled, offering an easy way to plan and visualize all content within a workspace across all channels.

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Download Opal on Mobile

Opal on mobile gives you on-the-go access to all your content! View, chat, share, approve, and publish content from your iPhone or iPad. Download.

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With multiple views that make it easy to find, search, sort, and navigate Opal, you'll always have access to the information you need.

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Personal Panel

Track and engage with your tasks and conversations, as well as your settings in the Personal Panel

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Notification Settings

Customize how you'd like to be notified of each activity type -- email, in-app alerts, or both.

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Notifications and Subscriptions

Staying up to date is important. Opal notifications ensure everyone on your team receives updates in real time. Notifications In Opal, it’s easy to bring someone into a conversation. When someone is…

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Workspaces keep content organized across brands, making it easy to navigate a single space to dee everything your team is creating, planning, and discussing.

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Status Icons

Opal makes it easy to understand your content status no matter what view you use.

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Opal Glossary

Familiarize yourself with common terms used in Opal.

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Web Browsers and Security

Opal is fully accessible via the web. To offer the best possible experience, Opal uses the latest web technologies and security.

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Edit Your Profile

Once you’ve set up your Opal account, easily change you profile settings such as your avatar, job title, contact information, etc.

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Edit Your Settings

Once you’ve set up your Opal account, easily change you profile settings such as your notifications, default timezone, or password.

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Help & Support

Have a question about Opal? Reach out anytime. Our support team loves hearing from you.

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Opal Features & Functionality

Opal's views, features, and integrations run deep. Your team will have access to some or all options based on the version of Opal to which you are subscribed. Contact our Support team if you have any…

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Opal API

Access and review Opal's public API documentation. To gain access to the API, contact the Opal team.

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