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Manage Assignments

When you need a quick way to see all the active tasks and approvals in a workspace, Assignments has you covered.

Clicking into Assignments via the left-hand sidebar, you'll see every task, approval, due date, and who has been assigned. It's easy to select yourself and everyone on your team and show or hide their assignments to help you narrow in on what you need to take action on today.


Assignee's Tasks & Approvals

By default, all active tasks and approvals will be displayed.

Filter which assignments are displayed by selecting one or many of your colleagues by using the "All Assignees" dropdown located in the top right-hand corner. After selecting a number of colleagues, you can hide/show tasks for an individual by clicking on their profile icon. Selected users will be displayed with blue circle around the profile icon.


Pro-tip: Select the 'Unassigned' user to see all tasks that that have not been assigned to someone.


Overdue Tasks & Approvals

If you don't see a task, it might be overdue. By default, all tasks that are 7 days or more overdue will be hidden. This setting can be changed to fit your preferred overdue time frame by selecting the toggle in the top right-hand corner.

To show/hide assignments that are overdue, click "Show/Hide # overdue assignments."

Note: Changes to the overdue setting will not affect other Opal user's view of Assignments.


Sort Columns

By default, Assignments will be sorted by the Phase Due Date column in ascending order. If the phase has no due date, content will be ordered by Scheduled Date/Time.

To change the sort order of tasks and approvals, click the arrow that is next to the column header text. This will sort by ascending or descending order.

Additional Details

Assignment Column

This column shows every task and approval that are currently active in the workspace.

Approvals shows the approval icon and text that reads "Approval."

Tasks will show the task icon and the description text for each task.

Approvals and tasks that are in past or future phases are not visible in this view.

Additionally, warning messages may appear depending on the state of the task or approval.

  • "Past Due Date" - displayed when the current day is past the phase due date for that task or approval
  • "Past Scheduled Date" - displayed when the current day is past the content's schedule date for that task or approval
  • "X Days" - displayed when the current day is within 3, 2 or 1 days of either the due date or content scheduled date

Assignee Column

The assignee column shows the name and avatar of the user currently assigned to the task or the user whose approval has been requested. Hovering your mouse on a user's profile will display their full name.

  • Assign an unassigned task to a colleague
  • Reassign a task to another colleague

Phase Column

This column shows the name of the corresponding phase for the task or approval. Currently, this name is neither editable nor linked.

Phase Due Date Column

This column will show the due date of the phase that corresponds to the task or approval if a due date has been added to an assignment. This column will also include warnings when the content is 3, 2 and 1 day away from its due date, as well as when the content is overdue.

  • If the phase has no due date, this field is populated by a dash
Content Column

This column shows the name of the content to which the task or approval belongs. The approval dot is shown to the right of the content name.

  • The name of the content is clickable, and will take you to the Workflow and Delivery tab for that piece of content.
  • Click on the status icon to view the workflow tasks and approvals associated with the content.

Scheduled Date/Time Column

This column shows the scheduled date/ time of the content that the task or approval is associated with. If there is no phase due date for an assignment, this date will be used as the default sort order for Assignments.

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