Universal Features

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quickly accomplish actions in Opal using keyboard shortcuts.

Updated 2 years ago

Labels Sets and Labels

Organization is a key component to efficient and collaborative workflows. By applying labels consistently, you’ll be able to filter and sort your content, easily surfacing everything you need to see.

Updated 2 years ago

Filter, Search, and Sort

It’s important to surface what’s relevant to you, when you need it. Use filters and keywords to reveal relevant items.

Updated 2 years ago


Collaboration is a key component to working smarter, together. Opal offers several features to allow you to collaborate effortlessly around your work.

Updated 4 months ago


Notes provide your team with context and direction by including key metadata, budget details, attachments, and other unique information.

Updated 2 years ago

Manage Privacy & Permissions

Every object in Opal is viewable to everyone, though you may find it helpful to limit visibility. Use Opal Access to manage stories, moment, and content permissions, to restrict or grant permission.

Updated 2 years ago

Track Campaign Budgets

Plan and manage campaign budgets in Opal by allocating budget to stories, moments, and content.

Updated 2 years ago


All stories, moments, and content can be flighted, and are visually represented to make it easy to see gaps in your plans.

Updated 2 years ago

Invite Users

With more members of the team in Opal, you'll benefit from increased visibility and alignment. Bring the team together in one place by sending an invitation.

Erynn Baird
Updated 2 years ago by Erynn Baird

Stamp Templates

When you need to repeat the same action multiple times, use Stamp templates to create templates to speed up the daily process. Anyone on the team can create and use Stamps.

Erynn Baird
Updated 6 months ago by Erynn Baird

User Groups

What Are User Groups? User Groups are the best way to efficiently bring the right team together every time, without the risk of missing anyone. User Groups enable this by allowing you to select an en…

Lee Dussinger
Updated 4 months ago by Lee Dussinger

Instant Log-In

With Instant Log-in links, you don't need to remember or reset your password. All you need is access to your inbox for easy, fast, and secure access to Opal.

Updated 2 years ago

Opal Insights

Gather analytics about channel distribution and label usage across all content.

Updated 2 years ago