Manage Campaign Content

Content Overview

Opal facilitates collaboration with your whole team during the content-creation process, keeping everyone aligned from creation to publishing. Create as many pieces of content as needed to tell your story through limitless channels, ranging from social and web to radio, print and beyond.

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Channels & Content Types

Opal supports a wide range of content channels so you can build marketing materials in high-fidelity.

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Create & Manage Content

Content is the culmination of creative copy, assets, notes, etc. that is created within a moment to tell a story’s narrative. Create as many pieces of content as needed to tell your story through limitless channels, ranging from social and web to radio, print and beyond.

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Content Composer Tabs

There are a number of details you can add to a piece of content to fully describe how it will be used in relation to your story. These details can be found within the Composer tabs. TIP: Orange indic…

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Content Options

After content is created, you may decide that content belongs in a different moment or needs to be duplicated for use in another channel. The content options dropdown is available anywhere you see a…

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Content Placements

A placement is a space that your website content can occupy on a specific webpage. That placement may be any number of spaces such as the logo, navigation bar, hero, carousel, email sign-up, footer, etc. Use placements to specify when and where content will appear.

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Content Localizations

For global or regional marketing teams, the most effective content is often tailored for a specific audience, region, or demographic. In many cases, multiple versions of a single piece of content must be created to accommodate specific regional needs. Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Create localizations of your content, and stay connected to the source.

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Previewing Content

Whether you're logged into Opal via a web browser or on a smartphone, you can preview content before it is published. Web Browser. While viewing content, quickly switch from one device view to anothe…

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Share Content

There may be times when you need to share content with another member of your team outside of Opal. Whether it’s a single piece of content or several, Opal provides the functionality to easily send content to a colleague or collaborator.

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Publish Content

After content has been created and approved, it’s time to share that content with the world. While Opal does not publish content to web or social platforms directly, it provides both manual and automated options to assist users in the publishing process via the web and smartphone. Opal also integrates directly with several publishing platforms, allowing for easy transfer of content from Opal to your team’s preferred publisher.

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Export Content Metadata to CSV

Visualizing and creating content in Opal is a great way to view, track, and build all of your content during the creative and approval process, but sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and see a more holistic, data-driven view. For this, we suggest exporting your content to a CSV.

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Email Modules

The Email Modules channel allows teams to create mock-ups or visual briefs of marketing emails. Each content type within the Email Module channel reflects modular components of an individual email which together compose a flexible and seamless preview. This allows for a new way of thinking about moments in Opal - your moment becomes the email that is made up of several email modules.

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Text Editor

Use Text Editor to create long form content for blogs, email, newsletters, brainstorming, and more.

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Longform Content

Longform allows for content to be created for blogs, email, newsletters, and more.

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URL Preview

The Email Preview & Web Preview channels and URL Preview content type allows you to increase visibility of emails or web pages in active development or finalized versions produced outside of Opal. No…

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Website Content

Creating content for your website's pages in Opal raises awareness of upcoming changes using placements, and allows you to personalize content for specific user groups with labels.

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